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Are you travelling

outside the United States of America?

Ask anyone who has ever made or received a call
on their regular US number while traveling abroad.
They will all tell you about the outrageous bill
they get when they return.
(About $1.50 per minute).

Going on vacation or on business abroad?
Be Smart. Get a

on your Smartphone instead.
World US Number
is a regular US Cellphone number
that works everywhere in the world and gives you
unlimited incoming or outgoing calls
to and from the USA from anywhere in the world.
Just call as if you were in the US.

You say you have whatsapp or skype? 
Most people, businesses or your work
will try to reach you on your regular phone number.
So even if you have Whatsapp or Skype,
you may lose many important calls.
If you also need to call a regular US number
while travelling abroad, you can't do it on those apps.

The only way to stay in contact
with anyone the US while abroad is with a

on your smartphone.

Anyone in the US can call you
without them paying any long distance fees
since it's a US number they are calling. 
And you can call anyone in the US or Canada
without paying Roaming or long distance fees
since you are calling from a US number. 
So save your money for better things on your trip.
Now, how much is a World US Number?
Just $3.00 a day.
Need it for a week? Only pay for 5 days.
You live outside the US or want to give a US phone #
to someone who lives outside the US?
It's only $40 a month.
*(Smartphone and Mobile data required in country you are visiting not included)
Click here to order.

World US Number
works everywhere.

Europe, Africa, Caribbean,
South America, Haïti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas,
Jamaïque, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, etc.


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